New 2023 Fully Enclosed Box Castle with High Slide (PartyTime!)


Welcome to a world of fun and laughter with Jumping Jack’s Bouncy Castles! Introducing our latest offering for 2023 – the Fully Enclosed Box Castle with High Slide, aptly named ‘Party Time’! 🏰🥳

Our vibrant, colourful castle is designed to bring a big dose of joy to any event. And the best part? It’s fully enclosed, ensuring maximum safety and unbounded fun for your little ones!

Dive into an ocean of bouncy goodness, zoom down the high slide, and let the sound of joyful giggles fill the air! With top-notch quality materials, and adherence to the strictest safety standards, this is the ultimate party booster that kids absolutely adore! 🎁🎊

Planning a birthday bash? Organising a neighbourhood get-together? Or simply want to add a splash of excitement to a sunny weekend? The ‘Party Time’ Castle is the answer! 🌞🎉

Secure your booking at and let’s kick-start the Party Time! And remember, the fun starts and ends at Jumping Jack’s! Hurry up and book now – let’s bounce the day away! 🥳🎈 #PartyTime #BouncyCastle #JumpingJack #FunTime #LetsBounce